September 30, 2022 by SchindelSegal

The Importance of Good Litigation Attorneys

Courtroom drama isn’t just a prime-time TV genre; it’s also something that each and every one of us works hard to avoid. When your business files a lawsuit, the last thing you want to end up doing is waging a courtroom battle in front of a judge or jury–for most of us, it’s really the …


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September 7, 2022 by SchindelSegal

Get Legal Help for Your Real Estate Permits

Real estate dealings are complicated enough already. When buying property, you’re already having to handle so much that can add stress in your head–everything from finding the proper value of a property to negotiating an agreeable price, to getting inspections or scheduling renovations, and so much more without even thinking about what goes on outside …


September 2, 2022 by SchindelSegal

Why Preventative Services Help Your Business

Even the most well-run businesses will run into labor disputes and employment law concerns at some point in time, and our perception of these disputes is–understandably–not particularly rosy. From Federal Equal Opportunity Employment Commission charges to non-compete disputes, harassment claims to wage concerns, all sorts of labor issues can pop up while running a business, …