September 7, 2022

Get Legal Help for Your Real Estate Permits

Real estate dealings are complicated enough already. When buying property, you’re already having to handle so much that can add stress in your head–everything from finding the proper value of a property to negotiating an agreeable price, to getting inspections or scheduling renovations, and so much more without even thinking about what goes on outside of the property lines. 

And yet, those are far from the only concerns. You’re already probably not a legal expert on real estate and are looking to a realtor or attorney for advice, but what happens when you start to involve the city or county? These stressors can add up quickly!

Zoning, licensing, and permitting = a headache you don’t need

When you purchase a property or plan on making significant changes to how it looks or how it’s used, you start to wade into the waters of city and county laws. Think of things like building permits, zoning laws, and proper licensing. 

Imagine you just bought a vacant lot and want to build the house of your dreams. You can’t just break ground; you’ll often have to petition the city for a building permit and get your plans approved before proceeding. Or, imagine you’re trying to take that same lot and build a great new restaurant–you’ll need to make sure that the property is zoned for that type of business, and go through all the licensing needed to ensure that you’re doing business legally and without risk of being shut down. 

While sometimes these permits and licensing are as simple (and that’s a relative term) as filling out the proper application forms and having them approved, oftentimes it can go much further. Many municipalities require property owners to go before the city or county and present their proposals, discuss the specifics, and justify their decisions from a legal perspective. When you’re already dealing with all the difficulties inherent in a real estate transaction, that’s the last thing you need added to your plate.

Ever-changing real estate zoning and permitting laws make navigation difficult

Of course, another challenge is that local laws are often changing, and not always insignificantly. For example, the recent Minneapolis 2040 Plan creates significant changes to Minneapolis zoning laws that impact the ways that property can be used or developed within the city limits. Not only does that require legal parsing, but the plan has also been subject to legal challenges itself–when laws are shifting like quicksand, your average property owner can’t be expected to keep up with exactly what the legal expectation is any given day. 

Real estate laws require professional expertise

…and yet, that’s exactly what’s required. Property owners need to abide by the law and work within it, even when it’s complicated or ever-changing. This is why professional, experienced legal representation during real estate permitting, zoning, and licensing challenges can help make a situation that has the potential for unique headaches to go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you need help parsing the latest zoning law, justifying your permit requests before the city, or filling out license applications, Segal Duffek Moen is here to help. For professional assistance in all real estate concerns, contact Segal Duffek Moen at 952-358-7400 or by emailing Info@Segal Duffek