September 30, 2022

The Importance of Good Litigation Attorneys

Courtroom drama isn’t just a prime-time TV genre; it’s also something that each and every one of us works hard to avoid. When your business files a lawsuit, the last thing you want to end up doing is waging a courtroom battle in front of a judge or jury–for most of us, it’s really the last resort when other types of legal action fail to resolve the problem.

But when your plan is the last resort, that means that it’s your last chance to succeed–meaning you can’t afford to take any risks in the courtroom by going with legal representation that isn’t up to the task of doing what it takes to win your fight and make the stress, time, and money of going to court worth your while.

Law expertise that sets you up for success in any legal battle

It’s important to remember that a jury trial likely isn’t (and probably shouldn’t be) your first visit to a courtroom to resolve a legal dispute or lawsuit. Particularly with litigation, motion practice can be a vital tool in getting your dispute settled quickly, efficiently, and to your satisfaction.

Filing motions are an incredibly common–and incredibly useful–tool to swing a legal disagreement in your favor, or to minimize damage done by litigation. Whether it be a motion to dismiss from a defending party, motions to compel an opposing party to turn over information or evidence, or even motions for summary judgment (which would allow a court to decide a case without going to a jury trial), knowing what motions to file and when require competent legal representation with a keen attention to the detail and minutiae of the law. 

A great legal team knows exactly what motions to file (and not to file) and when to bring about the best outcome, while a sub-par lawyer may just throw motions against the wall, wasting time, money, and good will. So before a legal case goes to a jury, make sure your representation knows their motion practice inside and out.

Attorneys that know how to persuade a judge and jury

However much we try to avoid it, the simple matter is that some litigation does go to a jury trial for a final decision. When this happens, you need legal representation that doesn’t just understand the law, but understands how to win a case. While the two are deeply related (after all, a lawyer who doesn’t understand the law leaves your opponents open to recourse or even an overturned judgment), a great trial lawyer is more than just a walking Bar Exam. They need to know what arguments are likely to be pushed back against by a smart judge, what type of rhetoric lands with a jury and sticks in their memory, and how an opposing legal team can take advantage of evidence and witnesses to their advantage.

The best legal representation, both inside and outside of the courtroom

At Segal Duffek Moen, our goal with litigation and trial law is to be “your opposition’s least favorite opponent.” That means our legal team is well-prepared, well-versed in the law, and well-practiced in the courtroom–the type of expertise in every element of litigation that gives you the best opportunity to win your case.

Of course, we also understand that nobody wants to enter the courtroom, and we’ll work just as hard to keep you out of it. Our team is incredibly experienced in mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolutions to hopefully bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion without having to step foot into that intimidating courtroom setting.

If you or your business need legal representation for any reason, Segal Duffek Moen is here to help. From alternative dispute resolution to motion practice to trial litigation and more, contact Segal Duffek Moen at 952-358-7400 or by emailing Info@Segal Duffek