Attorney for Wills in Minneapolis, MN

No one likes to think about death. However, if you want your property, money, and possessions to go to your loved ones after your death, you need to draw up a will. The process of drawing up an ironclad will be difficult so it is best to hire an attorney for wills to ensure there are no loopholes in the document. Here are three common questions Segal Duffek Moen gets about wills and trusts.

Why should I have a will?

When you pass on, your possessions, property, and money are dispersed among your loved ones. If you do not have a will, the state will disperse your estate as it sees fit, even if its decisions go against your wishes. Having an ironclad will be drawn up before you pass away allows you to decide which of your loved ones get which part of your estate.

How do I create a will?

Drawing up a will yourself is not strong enough for it to stand legally after your death. The best way to ensure your last wishes are carried out is to enlist the help of a licensed attorney. You will discuss your wishes with the lawyer and then he or she will draw up a will to accommodate those desires using legal language that makes the document ironclad. Once the document is completed, you will need to sign it to legalize it.

What are the different types of wills?

Not every will is meant to deal with the dispersion of your estate. The purpose of a will is to ensure your wishes are carried out accordingly in the event you die or are unable to express them. There are both oral and written wills but verbal wills are harder to prove as valid. You may decide to draft any or all of the following types of wills.

  • Joint wills
  • Simple wills
  • Trust wills
  • Deathbed wills
  • Living wills
  • Nuncupative wills
  • Holographic wills

Drafting a will is the best way to ensure your estate is dispersed according to your wishes after your death. Enlisting the help of an attorney from Segal Duffek Moen can ensure your will is strong and legal so your wishes will be carried out properly.