March 16, 2018

On May 23 & 24, 2016, Leonard Segal Presented Four Sessions at Minnesota CLE’s 2016 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute

May 30, 2016

The 2016 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute, co-sponsored by Minnesota Continuing Legal Education, the Minnesota State Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Law Section, and the Twin Cities Human Resource Association, was held on May 23 & 24, 2016 at the St. Paul RiverCentre.  Leonard Segal was invited back to present at one of the largest employment law conferences in the country!

This year, Lenny conducted four sessions – two on his own on the first day, and two as part of a panel on the second day.  If you were at this year’s Employment Law Institute, hopefully you had a chance to see at least one of Lenny’s sessions, which were:


  • “The FMLA – Basic Law and Practice” – In this session, Lenny guided attendees through the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.  A great session for those who were new to the FMLA or who needed a refresher, attendees left this session understanding how the FMLA works – from employer coverage and employee eligibility requirements, to when and how much leave must be granted, to notice that must be provided by employers and employees.


  •  “Workplace Investigation Basics From Start to Finish” – In this session, Lenny provided step-by-step guidance on how to conduct a workplace investigation.  Attendees learned what to do before starting an investigation, what to look for when selecting an investigator, key questions to ask during interviews, and what action to take following an investigation.


  • “Open Forum on the FMLA – Ask Your Toughest Questions” – Intended to be more advanced than Lenny’s FMLA session on day one, Lenny and another experienced employment law attorney led this session in which attendees had the opportunity to ask anything and everything about the FMLA.  As everyone who applies the FMLA knows, tricky situations can arise when the FMLA is involved.  This was a fun session and provided a great opportunity to hear from two experienced attorneys.


  • “Open Forum on Discipline and Discharge – Ask Your Toughest Questions” – The same panel that led the Open Forum on the FMLA also led this session.  Discipline and discharge of employees can be a minefield for even the most well-intentioned employers.   Attendees were able to get all of their discipline & discharge questions answered from two attorneys who regularly help clients wade through this difficult process.


This year’s Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute was, once again,  a wonderful program!  As always, attendees left with tremendous materials and additional knowledge that they could immediately implement in their workplaces.  For further information about this year’s program, please click this link: 2016 Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute.

If you attended this year, we hope you had a great time and that, while you were there, you stopped by the Seiler Schindel Segal exhibitor booth to say “hello” to Lenny and his colleague, Tina Vincelli!