Mediation Attorneys in Minneapolis

Mediation is a helpful and experience-changing possibility for anyone dealing with a divorce. The back-and-forth negotiations of a non-mediated divorce can leave one or both parties feeling frustrated, intimidated and unsatisfied. However, in a recent study, it was found that 90 percent of divorces that occur within the U.S. use the help of a mediator; and the mediation is successful, which leaves both parties more satisfied with the outcome. What makes this option better than the others? Simply put, a combination of the involvement of the parties, professional experience and an understanding of complex family law enables the parties to address all issues for a full and complete resolution.

How Mediation is Different from Traditional Divorce

Traditionally, you have two options for handling a divorce in Minneapolis: go to court or involve mediation services. In a court setting, each party is typically represented by an attorney, who advised them through the process. Mediation generally involves both parties attending mediation sessions with a single, neutral professional.

The former tends to address legal issues such as custody and parenting time, division of assets and liabilities, and establishment of support, while the latter may involve more of the underlying personal issues that may impede resolution of the issues, while at the same time addressing all issues related to the divorce. When you work with a family law mediation attorney, however, you get the best of both worlds; you work with a single, neutral lawyer who is trained to mediate complex family problems and resolve all legal aspects of a divorce.

The Benefits of Mediation

There are a number of clear benefits involved with working with a lawyer certified to handle mediations. These may include:

  • Allows both parties to maintain more control over parenting issues related to their children and lives post-divorce
  • A faster process than a more traditional divorce navigating the court system
  • More affordable than litigation in most cases
  • Promotes and foster better communication between parties which may result in more desirable results; and
  • Keeps everything outside of the courtroom to allow for more privacy.

This is an excellent option for divorcing parties looking to handle their legal separation on their own terms and at their own time, rather than getting tangled up in the court system. Furthermore, it’s a good choice for those looking for a less costly and stressful way to achieve their end goals.

Learn More About Mediation with Segal Duffek Moen Today

To learn more about the pros and cons of mediation or more about the divorce vs. mediation conversation in general, contact us at Segal Duffek Moen today. However, keep in mind that because a mediator must remain neutral, if we already represent you or you are hoping to have us represent you in the future, we cannot offer both mediation and representation as it would cause a conflict of interest.

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