February 8, 2019

Leonard Segal and Minnesota CLE Present Employment A to Z Webcast Series; Leonard Segal Addresses Workplace Investigations

Leonard Segal and Minnesota Continuing Legal Education put together a series of 18 webcasts that cover the entire life cycle of the employment relationship, from recruiting and hiring through the end of the relationship and beyond.  Each webcast is presented by one or more experienced employment law attorneys and provides practical and up-to-date information on some of the most important topics in employment law.  The roster of attorneys who are presenting includes plaintiff’s lawyers, defense lawyers, and in-house counsel.  The webcasts are designed to appeal to experienced and new lawyers, litigators and advisers, and in-house and outside counsel.

In addition to helping prepare the series and introducing each webcast, on February 8, 2019, at 12:00 noon, Lenny co-presented the webcast entitled “Workplace Investigations from Start to Finish.”  Prompt, thorough and effective investigations are essential to address allegations that employee rights have been violated.  Well-done investigations, along with effective reporting mechanisms, help maintain a positive work environment, allow matters to get resolved quickly, and can avert or be a defense in litigation. During this session, Lenny brought a defense lawyer’s perspective to investigations while his co-presenter provided the perspective of a plaintiff’s lawyer.  It proved to be an engaging and informative webcast.

For more information about the Employment A to Z Webcast Series, click here.  Individuals interested in attending any remaining webcasts (or who want to watch them on-demand) can register for one, some or all of the webcasts.