March 16, 2018

Leonard Segal is The Complete Lawyer!

Well, he may not be the complete lawyer but on August 23, 2012, Lenny Segal spoke at Minnesota CLE’s program entitled “The Complete Lawyer: Answers to 101 Questions Asked by Your Clients, Family and Friends.”  Lenny presented the employer perspective, while a plaintiff’s attorney presented the employee perspective, during a session entitled: “Workplace Law Issues: Plaintiff and Defense Perspectives.”  During their session, Lenny and his co-presenter discussed issues that are frequently faced by employers and employees including:  Can an employer fire an employee for criticizing his boss on Facebook?  Are non-competition agreements enforceable in Minnesota?  Can an employer require an employee to take a drug and alcohol test and terminate an employee for a positive test result?

For further information about this continuing legal education program, please click here.